Internet Directories Will Generate Business For You

Do you want to get more quality visitors to your business website? If you do, you should check out the vast amount of Internet directories, where you can obtain low cost listings and some free listings too!

Search engines and directories are two different types of websites. However, Directoryscape many people do not know the difference between them. Search engines have databases which use “robots” to search the Internet to find new websites and web pages. The “robots” electronically scan the Internet and when they find new content, they return the content and index it into their database.

Directories are human edited Primewebdir and build their indexes with editors who visit websites and add to the directory those sites that they consider to be a valuable resource. Directories also accept direct input from website owners.

National/International Directories

The best known national/international directories are DMOZ, Yahoo, ilweb and Looksmart. These directories employ humans to review websites that are submitted for possible inclusion into their directory. Directories have an advantage over search engines and that is; “they organize the data by categories”.

Specialty Directories

There are also many specialty Bsocialtoday directories as well as local directories. An example of a specialty directory is Dental Care Doctors ( If you are a dentist and are listed in the directory, your listing will show up when a potential patient searches for a local dentist using a zip code.

Another specialty directory is Find My Best Agent (; a directory to find automobile insurance agents. Again just type in your zip code and a listing of agents within your local area will show up.

There are specialty directories on the Internet for almost any type of product or service you can think of.

Regional Directories

A good example of a regional directory is Massachusetts ( You will notice on the home page you can select from and search the directory by categories like restaurants, Webdiamonds mortgages, painting, carpentry and more. You can also use the Yellow Pages menu to select by any category. Another regional directory is ( Here you can search their directory for local businesses. A search for “Mansfield Doctor” resulted in 7 directory listings of doctors, while a “Foxborough Doctor” resulted in 11 listings.

Local Directories

A few examples of a local directory include: AreaConnect, TopixNet, Directoryshine HometownLocator, and EventJar. These directories allow you to select the city and state from their national database. If you go to ( and enter the city or town name and the state into the city search box, you will be directed to that town’s special web site. These directories often use the Yellowpages directory of data. If your business is listed in, your listing will show up in many of the local and regional directories.

Membership Directories

Don’t forget one of the most powerful directories and that is your local “Chamber of Commerce” (voteit)

If you provide local services within your community, you should join your local chamber and get your website listed on their website. In most cases, the new business that you will get from being in the Chamber’s directory alone will pay for the membership.

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