Your News Fix With a Tablet

Nowadays, more people are accessing digital content through their mobile devices. A lot of people can now ride the bandwagon of proud gadget owners because of the proliferation of affordable Android tablet models with more manufacturers introducing more products in the market.

Content usually accessed on tablet PCs include news websites, resource which enables users to be on top of what is happening not just within their locality but also with the current world events. With the world getting smaller, what happens in a country thousands of miles away from you can have an effect on you, making news and current affairs a priority for most people.

There are currently a lot of apps on affordable Android tablet PCs available for users to get their news from. We sorted them and here are the news apps we think are the best from among the lot.


  • Flipboard (Free)


This app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. This is a great app because you can consolidate all in one place your favorite magazines and newspapers. The headlines are featured in one place and all you have to do is just tap on the link. The only downside to this app is that the content is not available for offline reading.


  • CNN App (Free)


This app is for those who want to be updated with what is happening all over the world as CNN is a very well-known news network that brings news from all over. You can access all the latest news, be it in text or video format. The great thing is that the app is made especially for tablet PCs which makes it easy to use. Trust the ‘world leader in news’ to give you the information you need, lioridiamonds where you want it.


  • Pulse News for Android (Free)


This app is a glorified RSS reader/news aggregator that pulls content from a wide variety of news sources which means you do not have to switch apps to read the news as it is all in one place. You can even save stories for offline reading, which makes it very convenient for those with limited data plans.


  • Read It Later (Free)


This app provides digital bookmarking services. You can also save stories for offline reading just like Pulse News. This can also work even without web connection, so any affordable Android tablet that has WiFi-only features should suffice.


  • Bloomberg for Tablets (Free)


This app is a must for those who want to follow business and finance news. Aside from the news, port32marinas it also has portfolio tracking tools, and graphics and charts to help analyze market trends locally and globally.







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